Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ex-Pat's Pat's 2014: The Divisional Round (With Updates)

Pre-game: It's a little after 9am AST, there's still about 3 & 1/2 hours to kick-off at Gillette and I haven't been this nervous for a game since the Pats hosted the Bengals after that horrendous KC game and again before they hosted the Broncos. Ravens... it just had to be Ravens.

The ravens up here are magnificent-looking birds, with quite a variety of vocalizations (Suggs?), but they're also garbage-pickers. We don't need to fear the Ravens. This is not 2 years ago.

Here's to the Pats feeling "plucky"'!

Pre-game Update:
The Weewolfe loves to chase ravens. I also think she's trying to get back at me for all those loud football games over the years by her choice of colors for going out and about this morning:
Thats my traitorous little pooch. ;(
(I also just realized, after getting in the truck with her, that she's rolled in something especially not nice. P-yew!)

Pre-Kick-off: My feelings are that if the Offensive Line can hold and give Brady time, they will have this game.

Update: Hi, Suggs, how do you like all those calls going against you poor boys on New England's 3rd & 4 like always happens to you when you play New England? I worry that successful challenge may end up costing the game... 14-0, now. Pats' D Line looks like it's standing still right now as we're mostly through the 1st Quarter.

Pats' 1st TD: Had a feeling Brady was gonna run it in. Even more important than getting 7 (instead of 3 on the board) was Brady's chance to stuff-it and say "You don't own me!"

Update: for once Browner draws a crucial penalty not on himself!

Pats' 2nd TD was a beautiful grab, run, and leap for Amendola. Loving to see him come more into his own this season!

At the Half: Yeah, that interception and DPI call leading up to another Baltimore TD really sucked. This game is not over by a long shot, though. Pats were already showing that to come back from being down by 14 already. Not super worried, yet,  despite that last cluster-f#<k.

Start the 2nd Half: that 3rd down was a blatant DPI to disrupt Gronk. Where's the flags, Suggs?

Update: too busy biting my nails to write further beyond awesome job by Edelman and Amendola!

#46: Congrats to Tom Brady for breaking Joe Montana's post-season TD record!

And, that's f#<k!ng it: gotta admit it was brilliant planning/coaching by Harbaugh at the end, there. Still, not enough.

Wafts of plucked black feathers now decorate Gillette Stadium.

Okay, I think I need to head off to the ER as my blood pressure spiked (found out even my mother was yelling and screaming over the game back at my brother's house on The Cape) over what has probably been the most incredible playoff game I've ever watched.

Congrats to the boys for being the only team to ever come back and win after a 14-point deficit (2, no less). Pats better pay to keep Edelman. He's earned an incredible level of respect the past couple years.

One last thing (I think): gotta give credit to the D for that last interception at the End Zone. Awesome jobs, guys—especially, Duron Harmon.

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