Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ex-Pat's Pats 2014: Super Bowl XLIX (With Updates)

Pre-Game Jitters & Thoughts: Wanna know the most awesomest thing about the Pats being in Super Bowl XLIX? No Frigging Eli Manning and the New York Giants!

Okay, I'm pumped and nervous; no longer feeling deflated by idiotic scandals-wannabe. This should be one hell of a game. It's been interesting being up in predominantly Sea Squawks (predominantly fair weather, that is) territory as I've not had anyone harass me over my Pats gear. It's been pretty jovial (so far) and a bit fun to spar with different Squawks fans and the general gist among everybody I've talked with or overheard thinks Deflategate is a load of overblown crap.

Not sure how much I'll draw attention from the game to tap the keys beyond traditional game-related texting with my brother back on The Cape. I'd let friends and the like know that I was hunkering-down in bunker mode for any postseason game the Pats were in. This one's no different and I want to be able to focus exclusively on every bit of the game, good or bad.

I've always respected and supported the Squawks over the years. But not this year. Not. This. Year.

Here's hoping it's good, whatever the outcome. I mean, holy crap, Brady and the boys are back in it, again, for the 6th time. Years ago, I'd've never believed this could be possible. Fingers crossed for Championship #4!

Time to go don the #12 (the REAL #12, Seattle).

Update: this game is already better than last year despite Brady's interception. He's been averaging 1/game. Let's hope this was it.

At the Half: the game is right at what I was expecting. 14-14. Damn. I'd rather see Wilson & Company have a close game through the first 3 quarters, with the Pats matching them to put the hammer down later in the game, than that fuster cluck Green Bay had in response to Wilson catching his stride in their 2nd Half.

Halftime Show: okay, gotta give points to the robotic tiger...Interesting stage animation with the pulsing chessboard... Prognostications: so far, at least one of them is looking to come true as we have skimpy outfits and frequent changes but no visible malfunctions... How do I get a job as one of the dancing sharks? Okay, points for fireworks and an overall fun show. HUGE points for saying "God Bless America!"

Start the 2nd Half: and, now, the real game begins (begun, the 12 War has)...

At the end: Tulip and I are sitting here enjoying a red, white, and blue dessert (a puff pastry with yogurt, blueberry preserve, yogurt, and strawberries) that we'd had on hand for a hopeful Pats celebration...

Holy crap, have we been able to touch the magic. Brady & Company march  it down to go up by 4 with about 2 minutes remaining. Terrified, we watch as the unthinkable happens and Kearse makes that frigging miraculous, near-impossible catch. I think I could literally hear millions of other Pats fans screaming "My god, not again! Please, not again" and the frigging Squawks are right there nearly on the end zone and our collective breath is held. The Squawks set-up and 1st and Goal gets broken up right there at the end zone. And, I'm thinking, "Okay, 1 down, 3 more tries to go..." I'm thinking back to a game a long time ago against the Colts (last season the Pats had won the Bowl) where they stuffed them on the 1 yard line to win. It can be done. Chris Matthews says something about the play not being broken-up but an actual interception and I scream like a little girl,. nearly breaking one of Tulip's ear drums.

Malcolm Butler, some rookie kid I'd never paid attention to this season, makes a phenomenal grab. We have the Anti-Helmet-Catch making up for David Tyree's phenomenal catch so many Super Bowls ago.

Touch the magic! Once again, it is ours. And it is just as sweet as back in Super Bowl XXXVI.

Congrats to the boys on their win. Congrats to #12 on joining exalted company with his 4th Super Bowl win.

Thank you, Pats. Thank you, god.

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