Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ex-Pat's Pats: An All Too Unfortunately Appropriate Earworm

[Sigh] I heard this song, tonight, while out and about and it hit too close to home...

I have no idea where this post is ultimately going or even how my attitude will change between hitting "Publish" and the Super Bowl... I guess the fact that it's well after 11pm on a work night and I can't sleep over thinking about this speaks volumes about how much I need to get a fucking life.

Okay, apparently 11 out of 12 tested balls were 2 PSI below the league's minimum and sources describe the league as "disappointed ... angry ... distraught".Something I am curious about is if the Colts did bring this up way back in November, as described in the linked ESPN article, why was nothing addressed until now? To me, that's as fishy a coincidence as the number of under-inflated balls.

As scandals go, let's face it, this one's pretty fucking lame. It wasn't like Belichick was offering bounties to hurt other players. Brady sure as hell hasn't been rumored to be a domestic abuser. And, Vince Wilfork is no rumored murderer (the Pats quickly cut ties with Aaron Hernandez).

Frankly, the way the Colts played would not have saved their bacon if those balls had been perfect and I have to agree with the Vikings' Coach Zimmer on this one.

And, why is nothing serious being made about pushing the upper limits of regulation inflation? I got news, if it's over 13.5 PSI, Aaron, it's an illegal ball (hat tip to Braden Campbell). Just what else goes on as different QBs secretly play with their balls?

And, closer to home, Bill Belichick is no fucking Richard Nixon! Not even close (and, who's the poorer for this, the detractors or me for defending him?).

Let's face it: from the Tuck Rule Game, through Spygate, to Deflategate, my karmic balls are completely busted and something that had once been so special to me has gone flat and lifeless. My excitement for the next Super Bowl lasted only about 5 hours before all the news broke like flies landing on a big pile of shit. I'm not sure what's busted my balls more: the legitimately serious infraction of things like Spygate or the self-righteous, faux-moral primping and preening of the various Patriots detractors I've seen and listened to over many years before Eric Mangini became a household sports name.

All this at a time when I'm beginning to feel that the NFL has moved away from football and into pro-wrestling.

I wish I could have a little fun and sit back with beer and pretzels to laugh at all the self-righteous primping and preening but I find I have no more stomach for it and the whole mess of the detractors and team antics leaves me feeling that it all has eroded my soul and left me all the poorer for it.

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