Monday, January 19, 2015

Ex-Pat's Pats 2014: And, So, The Next Unfortunate Round Begins (With Updates)

Some Pats players were also, allegedly, found to be wearing Colts uniforms to confuse the Colt's coaches ... while Big Foot was caught suiting up in a Patriots uniform.

Stay tuned ...
As commented by fsmith95112 in response to the latest accusations and brouhaha reported over at Report: Patriots May Have Deflated Footballs for AFC Championship Game Against Colts.

Gee, I can't wait to hear one family member up here in AK compare Belichick to Jerry Sandusky again (boy you certainly cheered just as hard as I did when you watched them win that 1st Super Bowl).

I've hear this crap going all the way back to the Tuck Rule and people in my face how the Pats had no business even being in that Super Bowl. People in my face about something that, frankly was a bright moment that happened just at the right time and pulled me out of the darkest period in my life. If it hasn't been that, it's always been some other excuse as to how the Pats suck and aren't a real championship team. Thanks. Eric Mangini, for being such a dick. Where are you now in the NFL?

And Tulip wonders why I carry such a big chip on my shoulder?

Most of our lives, the Pats basically did suck. They've finally made something of themselves and, from moment one, the h8ters gotta h8te. Before you stop me in the street to gloat in my face again, let me just say this now and get it over with: F#<k Y*", sideways, with a pickaxe!

And, now, back to dealing with yet another crisis of faith to get ready for the Pats, under ridiculously intensive media scrutiny (AGAIN, @$$H#LES) to go and handily clip the Sea Hawks wings.

Update, WWTBD: again, leave it to #12 to take command of the field:
The Colts want to blame the pigskin? Pathetic.

Brady laughed out loud when he was informed of the controversy during his weekly spot on WEEI Monday morning. 

“I think I’ve heard it all at this point,” he said. “That’s the last of my worries. I don’t even respond to stuff like this.”
I think Eric Wilbur does a good job demolishing the accusations in the article linked above. I'll wrap this up with his own summary [emphasis, mine]:
 Ah, yes, because the scope of Spygate wasn’t overwhelmingly stupid enough, please welcome the latest sidebar to derail any worthy accomplishments of the Patriots. Also, if you find any remnants of Ravens coach John Harbaugh’s head after it exploded watching offensive lineman Nate Solder rumble into the end zone, please send them to Baltimore, as soon as possible.

Trickery. Deception. Cheating. These are the ways of Bill Belichick’s Patriots, the perception New England has earned in an NFL that is otherwise polished and clean with innocence.

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